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meaning-of-life1Imagine a space where meaningful conversations take place. Imagine a circle of people from different walks of life that come together to discuss humanistic, social, philosophical and practical topics they are passionate about or they want to learn more of. Imagine a place where your beliefs are challenged, ideas are exchanged and your thinking is expanded.

As the philosophers of the old times did, we sit in a circle and the host sets the topic of conversation for the circle. Participants then engage in a conversation that enables them to exchange views, ideas, experiences, knowledge and stories that challenge their thinking and beliefs. The host facilitates the conversation and learnings are noted and shared.

The objective of the sessions is not only to have a passionate philosophical conversation about an interesting and controversial topic, but also to help participants have ‘insights’ that enable them to have a better understanding of their lives and those around them. The circle covers topics around: Personal development, psychology, science, entrepreneurship, social issues, success, career change, spirituality, religion and some of those other important questions of life.



  • Ernesto Moreno Expanding LeadershipWe love people who are passionate about learning more about themselves, others and the world around them.
  • We love people with a philosophical, curious and inquisitive attitude that are not afraid of challenging conventional thinking and limiting beliefs.
  • We love people who are willing to ask questions, challenge beliefs, tell stories, share knowledge, exchange ideas and contribute.
  • We love people from different walks of life because we believe they enrich the circle and bring diversity to our thinking.
  • We welcome artists, engineers, gays, blacks, whites, lawyers, accountants, students, social workers, entrepreneurs, business owners, musicians, foreigners, psychologists, doctors, politicians, athletes, consultants, waiters, philosophers, people from any race or religious background and any human beings that are willing to share their view.



The following are the upcoming dates for the 2016 series:

15 March PURPOSE: What is it and how do I discover my life purpose? Book Now
18 April   COURAGE: How do I become more courageous?   Book Now
10 May   OCUPASSION: Earning a living doing what we love. Possibility?   Book Now
14 June   LOVE: What is it, and how do we know if we are really in love?   Book Now
20 July   MONEY: Why some people seem to ‘attract’ money easier than others?   Book Now
9 August   Topic TBC   Opening Soon
 27 Sept  Topic TBC Opening Soon
 17 Oct  Topic TBC Opening Soon

Expanding Circles takes place once a month. There is a donation of £10 per circle that goes towards the cost of the venue. Spaces are limited to only 25 participants per event. To reserve your place make sure you book through the Eventbrite links above or join our MeetUp Group and confirm your attendance on there.



Below is a summary of the conversations that took place during the 1st series of Expanding Circles in London. Click on the topic to read the article written about it:

11 Feb Purpose: Is there such a thing? If yes, how do I find it? Report
25 Feb Earning a living doing what you love: Fantasy or possibility? Report
25 Mar The Afterlife: Reality or a created human concept? Report
8 Apr Law of Attraction: Truth or another hype? Report
22 Apr Homosexuality: Are gays born or are they made? Report
13 May Our beliefs about money: Are we doomed or can they be changed? Report
27 May Destiny: Are we bound to a destiny or do we create our path? Report
29 July Monogamy: Human invention or genetic design? Report Soon


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