The Team

At Expanding Circles we host through-provoking conversations that stimulate the mind, spark ideas and expand our understanding of our lives and others. We are passionate about personal development, psychology, science, spirituality, science, success, career, entrepreneurship and social change. We sit in a circle and engage in a conversation that enables us to exchange views, ideas, experiences, knowledge and stories that challenge our thinking and beliefs. We believe that when people from different walks of life come together in the circle something magical happens and our minds and world expands. This is the team that co-founded and runs Expanding Circles

Ernesto Moreno, ernestoria


Ernesto is a business consultant, trainer, coach and serial entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of experience in Change Management and Behavioural Change with some of the world’s leading brands and consulting companies. After leaving his corporate career, Ernesto founded Expanding Leadership, a Consulting and Leadership Developing company that helps organisations and individuals to create insights that them grow their business and performance.

As an entrepreneur, Ernesto he has been involved in several successful business ventures and he is normally engaged in a wide range of activities; from corporate business consulting, training and facilitation to writing, speaking and volunteering.  Ernesto created Expanding Circles as a way of filling his relentless desire for having deep thought-provoking conversations that stimulate the mind and expand people’s understanding of themselves and others. Ernesto was born in Venezuela and now lives in London.


Expanding Circles is a space for people to come together and share their journey, experiences and lessons learned in order to help each other succeed, grow and be inspired. These are some of the amazing people that have contributed enormously to create Expanding Circles:

Bianca Tait
Coach and Facilitator – Entrepreneur’s Circles

Bianca is facilitator and coach of our Entrepreneur’s Circles. She is a natural communicator with the talent to bring out the very best in people using her unique blend of style and can do attitude. Bianca has a light-hearted and professional approach with an infectious energy.  She is easy-going, challenging and, at the same time, hugely supportive.  Bianca loves to bring fun into all her activities. Bianca has been coaching individuals in the educational, government, and corporate sectors since 2002 and has worked with many entrepreneurs doing group work.  Bianca firmly believes in the unlimited potential of all people and in helping them to develop their own unique qualities and bring these talents to their fullest expression.  Bianca encourages her clients to develop greater self-awareness in order to have a greater impact and presence.  Her clients range from Board level Directors, entrepreneurs, managers and teachers.  She believes everyone can have the future they desire and that they have the capability to make their dreams come true. Bianca also works with Mastermind teams and loves the power and magic that happens in group work.

Patti DrewekPatti Drewek
Coach and Facilitator – Foreigner’s Circles & Inspiring Talks

Patti is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker and the author of an upcoming book “Why walk when you can fly- the female guide to proudly climbing up the corporate ladder”. Over the last several years she has helped women discover their true self which gave them confidence and belief that they are good enough to achieve in life whatever they set their mind to. She supported and guided over 10,000 people through regular article publications and public speaking engagements. She is tired of seeing great ‘female’ talent in the executive arena go to waste. Therefore she has made it her mission in life to increase the number of female executives within companies around the world! Patti moved to the UK over a decade ago and understand the difficulties foreign people face when they are building their life in a foreign country. She is therefore also a speaker and trainer for Foreigner’s Circles, Patti joins Ernesto’s mission to help others like them to have better life and fit in despite being from another country.