Chairs 3Imagine a space where meaningful conversations take place. Imagine a circle of people from different walks of life that come together to discuss humanistic, social, philosophical and practical topics they are passionate about or they want to learn more of. Imagine a place where your beliefs are challenged, ideas are exchanged and your thinking is expanded.  That is exactly what we do at Expanding Circles.

We run three different types of circles:

Each Circle has a particular methodology, agenda and approach. However, we use a combination of different facilitation methods that are used in all the Circles and this forms our over-arching Expanding Circles Methodology:

The Introductory Circle
The host introduces the topic of the day and position the main arguments pro and against the topic, together with the key questions that will lead the discussion and the rules of engagement. The first circle begins and participants have 90 secs to briefly introduce themselves and share their view on the topic and the key questions they would like to have answered while the host captures key points and questions.Following the Introductory Circle, three other Circles (40 min each) are installed from the selection below (one is chosen from each coloured pair). The selection of circles used depends on the topic being discussed.
For and Against Circle   The Debating Circle
All participants are asked to assume a role where they support the hypothesis and express why they agree or approve the topic being discussed. Subsequently, all participants are asked to do exactly the opposite and express why they are against the hypothesis. The host opens a debate about the topic being discussed or the questions being asked. The host moderates the debate and act as a facilitator actively encouraging people to challenge each other’s beliefs and points of view
The Open Circle   The Coaching Circle
The host posts a question to the circle and an organic process of sharing is unleashed which has no agenda. This is the conversation goes to unexpected places where great insights happen and the collective wisdom of the participants is unleashed. A number of participants present a personal issue or dilemma to the circle. Taking turns, the other participants coach the participant or offer advice that helps the coachee to find solutions and alternative to his or her dilemma.
The Self-Discovery Circle   The Closing Circle
The host introduces exercises that allow participants to have some time for self-reflection and introspection. The exercises are designed to help participants gain more clarity and insight about their thoughts and ideas. Participants share their insights. After having captured the main thoughts and ideas during the previous circles, the Objective Evaluator offer a balancing report of the views heard and what he or she consider some of the highlights of the day.