The Law of Attraction: Fad or truth?

The purpose of this Circle was to discuss the Law of Attraction and to explore if it is really a resource we can tap into or just another trend or self-help fad. The first thing Expanders discussed was if the Law of Attraction (LOA) was actually a ‘Law’. Law is defined as:

A statement of fact, deduced from observation, to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present”.

The law of gravity or thermodynamics for example are phenomena that can always be observed and be proven scientifically regardless of the circumstances. They always work. Unfortunately not the same can be said about the LOA. First of all, because it cannot be proven; and although lots of people argue it works for them, it does not necessarily work for them all the time and for absolutely everything. This argument led most people to conclude that rather than a ‘law’ we could refer to it as a ‘theory’ or ‘hypothesis’. That does not necessarily mean that it does not exist; it just means that we humans have not been able to prove it or disprove it.

Most participants in the Circle were believers of the Law of Attraction with the exception of one or two who entertain the idea but are also convinced that there is much more to it that just imagining things. One of them said, “it is great to be positive and optimistic, but things will not necessarily happen by themselves, we must do!”. Most Expanders in the Circle agreed with his view but they also believe that by tapping into the thought, imagination and the force of quantum physics we can make things happen.  Below are some of the for and against arguments that were discussed:


The Against Arguments

0B3DaThe Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Effect: One of the things that the Circle discussed was that although there can be a level of truth behind the LOA there is certainly also a psychological process that takes place by just believing in it. When we believe in something our brain will act accordingly and will look for confirmation of such belief. It is in a way, the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ effect. The believer will start noticing things that will confirm the existence of the LOA or more importantly, he or she will start taking actions that will make things happen, not because the law actually works but because of his or her believe in such law.

The Optimistic Effect: It has been proven by research and several studies like this, that optimistic, enthusiastic and positive people are more likely to succeed than those that are not. This could be one of the things that happen with the believers on the LOA; they are effectively being optimistic, enthusiastic and positive about what they want to achieve and therefore they are more likely to achieve what they want as the result of their increased mental focus.

Another things to bear in mind is that focusing on what we want and being positive and believing it will come to us, is also a way to remove the negative thoughts that can cloud our mind in the search for a goal or situation. A lot have been studied and researched about the damaging effect of negative thinking, by believing in the LOA, we are aiding our mind to removing negative thoughts and focusing on only what we want.

The Induced Confidence Effect: Believing in the LOA could also mean that we are accessing a state of self-induced ‘Confidence’. If I strongly believe in the existence of the LOA, it means that I also believe that there is a strong force outside of me that is working on my favour to help me achieve the things I want. By believing this, I feel more confident that such things would happen than if I didn’t had this extra force or ally working for me and in my favour. The effect of confidence in success is widely studied and most of know of the great difference it can make in the results we get in life.

The Goal Setting Effect: Another Expander also explained that what could be happening is that the LOA unleashes an emotional goal setting process that fuel us with passion, determination and confidence. What the LOA tells us is that we need to define what we want, imagine that we have it and feel the emotion that such thing we want is actually ours. This is effectively, a way of defining a goal, visualising what is like to achieve that goal and developing the motivation, conviction, and confidence required to achieve that goal. What the believe in the LOA can actually be giving us is a way of helping us to define goals, develop the self-believe we need to go it and develop the state of alertness and focus that we need to make it happen.

When we define we want something we instruct our minds to notice things that lead to that something. If suddenly one day you decide you want to buy a particular type of car, then you start noticing how many of those cars there are on the road. If you had not put your mind to it, then you would have not noticed those particular cars around you because our minds naturally neutralise some of the ‘noise’ in our environment and simplify it to just ‘cars’.

The Worthiness Effect: A lot of psychotherapy studies and self-help literature document the issue of worthiness. It seems that we all, in one way or another, don’t feel worthy of joy, love, connection, money and achievement. This can be down to childhood conditioning, upbringing or trauma. It is argued that what the LOA also does is that it opens a space in which individuals allow themselves to believe they are worthy. Developing a belief or feeling or worthiness is more likely to affect the unconscious to receive that is desired into our lives.


The Supporting Arguments

near-death-1When exploring the arguments that make us believe the LOA actually exists and work the Circle focused on one main argument: The power of thoughts and its relation with Quantum Physics.

What are we made of?  We are made of atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons that vibrate at different rates. At the most micro and minuscular level we are actually space and particles that vibrate at different rates. All our cells, regardless of what organ in our body they are in are the same: protons, neutrons and electrons. We do not yet understand how these atoms form together into cells and different organs, but essentially we are all energy. We are the same energy as the materials and stuff we have around us. The flowers, the trees, the water, the skies, the stars… the entire universe is made of the same: energy. The distinction between ‘us’ and other ‘things’ is only in our mind. According to many researchers and writers, we are all one big thing; one big cloud of energy, one big consciousness that is expressed in many shapes and forms.

We don’t yet understand how thoughts are created. Scientists believe they are created in our brain, but there is no proof of this. The cells in our brains are like the cells in the rest of our body. We can prove how certain part of the brain regulate certain biological activities but we cannot understand how thoughts emerge, leave alone the fact that we experience ‘consciousness’.

This have led many to believe (and supposedly, experience) that our thoughts and our consciousness are the force of creation and that when we align our body and our thoughts to vibrate in a particular wavelength we can get in synch with everything there is in that particular frequency. This is what constitutes the basics of the LOA, like attracts like. If we experience sadness and defeat, that is what we tap into and that is what we attract. If we experience love, gratefulness and joy, that is what we attract.

The world of Quantum Physics is still rather a mystery to scientists, but many seem to believe that our thoughts and energy have a direct effect on time, matter and events. There seems to be a world behind the well-accepted laws of physics that we are yet to discover. Black holes, distortion of time, dark matter, consciousness, all seems to be related to a powerful source that we humans cannot directly perceive but that does not mean that does not exist. Is the LOA a by-product of all of this?

Is it true that we only use 5% of our brain power? Can we be creators of reality if we train our brain to use 50% of its capabilities? Is our ‘consciousness’ separate to our brain? If so, how can we learn to use it and tap into its power?

Additional Resources to Dig Deeper

These are some of the resources that were referenced during the Circle


Articles or Further Reading:

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[Circle hosted and report written by Ernesto Moreno]

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